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Frequently asked questions

Our Agile Sites have been developed as a foundation for future growth, a basic, affordable, one-page website for small businesses and brands, a landing page for a campaign or event, or a stopgap whilst a larger website is being developed.

They are intended to be user and search engine friendly and provide a one-page summary of your brand, products & services with simple contact options.

The key difference is the scope. Agile Sites are designed & developed to be simple, direct and follow an established development process. Our Bespoke and Ecommerce websites are designed and developed in collaboration with clients, and may include custom templates, multiple pages, products, posts, additional functionality and many other variations and integrations

Definitions of Agile:

  • Physically – ‘able to move quickly and easily’. Cambridge Dictionary
  • Mentally – ‘able to think quickly and clearly’. Cambridge Dictionary
  • Development – ‘methodologies that promote adaptive planning,
    evolutionary development and delivery, continuous improvement…’



The definitions above summarise how we think about and approach our Agile Sites. We aim to act and think quickly, easily & clearly and our processes lean on the guiding principles of the ‘Agile Manifesto‘.

In practice, this means that we look to develop the base website for a client quickly & efficiently and then continually enhance that website moving forwards.

We analyse and learn from all of our Agile Sites, design & develop improvements, then deploy those improvements across all of our active Agile Sites.

This means that the technology, the quality and our services are continually improving, along with your search engine optimisation (SEO).

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