The Importance of Analytics

Considering its importance, website analytics is often overlooked by companies. Too often I encounter businesses that suffer from a range of issues including:

  • Failure to install – Considering Google Analytics is totally free, there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you don’t utilise it straight away, compiling the data for future use could be crucial.
  • Old code – Google has updated its code a number of times since its inception. Each time, with a view to improving data collection and adding features. If you are using old code you could be missing out on a variety of improvements.
  • Poor Setup – Code missing from certain pages, additional features not activated, no conversion tracking. A number of key components could be missing from your setup which could hamper your efforts.
  • Failure to Integrate – There are additional free platforms that can be integrated with Google Analytics that increase and improve the data available. Without them you’re missing out.
  • Spam Data – Unfortunately even Analytics is a target for spammers. Without the right filters in place you could be basing crucial business decisions upon flawed information.

I offer a simple, fast and reliable Analytics Audit service for only £50.00, that can highlight issues and immediately remedy them, allowing your business to make best use of the most accurate data possible.